Diana Betancourt

Utstillingsperiode: 30.10. – 23.11.2003

Within this project I am dealing with the idea of Space ; Division of space and the impact that those divisions have in our daily experience,not only in practicallity , but esthethically, conseptualy and emotionaly.

In addition , I am dealing with the idea of space as an infrastructure in our society and the implications that those divisions create. I am also working with the idea of alternative pathways that are carved withing the landscape by the people here in Trondheim as part of self determination. I am interested in studying the effects that space has in our daily experience and how paths predetermine movement and the results of those space structures.                     

I have taken the idea of pathways futher, and I am trying to deal with the idea of pathways and alternative pathways that result from the process of decission making. As part of this project I am dealing with the possible implications that the Norwegian contry and community would experience as it decides to join or not join the European Union. Also I am dealing with the effects that those decissions have allready had in the Fishing industry, that reult in displacement, alternative life paths, the dicemination of coastal village culture, and the implications that those events have within the Norwegian Culture as well as the results that this would have for Norwegian Economy and Cultural identity and history.

Conceptually I am interested in recreating an experience and intice reflection.