Response / Ability

Workshop: Response / Ability
Organiseret av: Sophia Efstathiou and Elena Perez
Dato: 17-18. November 2016
Rapport: Exploring-RRI-through-performance-and-philosophy_120517_Report



Exercises in Responsible Research and Innovation from science, humanities and arts perspectives.

Trondhjems Art Society (2.floor), Bispegata 9, 7013 Trondheim

Thursday 17 November 

SESSION I:    Responsibility in Research and Innovation

10.00-10.30       Welcome, Group Introductions and Coffee

10.30-11.00       Sabine Roeser: The Role of Art and Emotions in Reflection on Responsible Innovation of Risky Technologies

In this presentation I will examine the role that works of art can play in enticing moral emotions concerning responsible innovation of risky technologies. Recently, artists have become involved with risky technologies. I will argue that works of art can contribute to emotional moral reflection on risky technologies by making abstract problems more concrete, letting us broaden narrow personal perspectives, exploring new scenarios, going beyond boundaries and challenging our imagination.

11.00-11.30       Sophia Efstathiou and Ane Møller Gabrielsen: Key challenges to RRI and how feminist theory and art matter.

Responsible Research and Innovation seems both obvious and intractable: we do not understand what RRI is, it is hard to engage people in it, and it is difficult to monitor progress. Donna Haraway analyses responsibility as an ability to respond among companion species (living beings but also technical objects). We propose that this view helps re-think existing challenges with RRI, making room for performance-based approaches.

11.30-12.00       Terje Finstad: Histories of Innovation across disciplines Responding to a word, its practice and politics.

My talk will focus on the cultural history of innovation and how this word has shaped, and shapes, notions of responsibility. In this tour de innovation we will also meet what once was possible alternatives to the innovation mode of responsibility.

12.00-13.00       Lunch at Café Ni Muser

SESSION II:  Performing responsibility: impacts in research and publics

13.00-14.00       WORKSHOP by Stella Dimitrakopoulou and Jonny Blamey: Philosophy on our feet: Responding to responsibility.

We invite participation in a 40min Performance philosophy workshop involving movement, games and voice. The theme of the workshop will be the philosophy of responsibility. For the final 20 mins we will sit down and ask each other and the audience questions, reflecting on our seats on philosophy on our feet. 

14.00-14.30        Coffee Break

14.30-15.00       Elpida Theodorakakou: From ethics to impact: An exploratory discussion on innovation and impact. Can arts and performance show us the way?

This presentation will discuss RRI impact and assessment by taking a peek on the day to day work of a SME company working on the social, ethical and legal impact of innovation and data-intensive technologies. Examples of recent achievements and challenges will help us visualize the problematics currently in the market. 

15.00-15.30       Espen Gangvik: Meta.Morf – biennale for art & technology

Meta.Morf is a biannual festival for art and technology that explores how artistic and scientific research continuously are challenging and changing our perspectives on life, often implying new philosophical and existential questions. For the purpose of this seminar we will look into the making of the biennale with regards to concept, curating, funding and logistics.

15.30-16.00       Elena Pérez: Negotiating impacts in art & tech projects

This talk will explore artworks born at the convergence of contemporary performing arts and technology, and the conditions under which these artworks are produced. Elena will question the different tensions that arise in the collaborations between artists and engineers when creating high-technology theatrical performances.

19:30                    Dinner at local restaurant (Ai Suma)


Friday 18 November

SESSION III:  Art for Social Change

10.00-10.30        Welcome, Group Exercise and Coffee

10.30-11.00       Rebeka H. Blikstad: Understanding socially engaged art

Does socially engaged art actually create social change? This lecture provides a short introduction to critical perspectives within the discussion of socially engaged art.

11.00-11.30       Anne Helga Henning: Patients with dementia as co-researchers within an art project

Anne Helga Henning has been involved in an art project with patients with dementia as participants. Through a period of two – three years working with shapes, colours and tactility has slowly developed a participating artwork where the patients have steered the visual outcome. 

11.30-12.00        Laura Sommer: Art & climate change: Outcomes and experiences from the ClimArt project

In the scientific field of climate change communication consensus is growing that in order to overcome social and perceptual barriers to mitigation efforts, communication must be creative, innovative and engaging for the public. In the CLIMart project we try to work in this field between arts and natural sciences. By employing psychological research methods we elicit ways by which art can convey the message of climate change. Questions, challenges and results are presented.

12.00-13.00       Lunch at Café Ni Muser

SESSION IV: Interdisciplinary Identities

13.00-13.45       WORKSHOP by Stefania Mylona: The story of a woman in love

In this workshop, I am going to tell a story: The story of a woman in love. Through this story we are going to examine response-ability as transdisciplinary and by comparison. We will investigate who is more responsible for what she goes through in a journey of encounters where she meets other people. This journey will allow us to think through responsibility by discussing the ability of others to respond to her. Through their responses we are going to discuss ethics and to identify the less ethical response. Our attempts will aim to demonstrate ethical responsibility and unfold the complexities of ethics.

13.45-14.30       GAME by Sophia Efstathiou: Virtuous Designs

In this game we will design things, processes and living m£atter that virtue-ise our environments.

14.30-15.00       Coffee Break

15.00-16.00       Panel discussion on individual and collective response/ability: May Thorseth, Heidrun Åm and Diana Lindbjerg

16.00-16.30       Concluding remarks and publication plan

Response/ability 2016
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